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Talent strategy

As the greatest developing country in the world, China has a large population and a relatively poor supply of food. Its resources per capita are relatively insufficient. This basic condition means that China’s development must be based on human resource. It must choose the method of “making the country powerful via talent cultivation”. The ultimate goal of choosing this method is to regard talents as the key factors of cause development, is to cultivate hundreds millions of high quality labors, hundreds of thousands of professional talents and a large batch of top level innovative talents, so as to build a talent team with large scale, reasonable structure and high quality, so as to starting a new scene men of talent come out in succession and talents are given full play to, so that China can transform from a country with a great number of population to a country with a great number of talents, and finally improve national core competiveness and comprehensive strength, finish the historical task of building a well-to-do society and realize the great renaissance of China.


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